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My summer vacation


School s out it great but also sad that we had to leave our old school kindree behind.I will miss kindree so much. But now we need to go to lisgar. That is a long theme so until school starts I will write about my adventures. So read the post summer and comment please about your vacation. 🙂 Yashvi

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this is my summer


here is a link to my video  


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 Blogs I visited were interesting! I commenting on one blog about there 10 ways to use a sock with holes. the other blogs I loved see all the intersting things they had .I Loved playing the game.

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Little things


This a picture of my little sister in this play set.I really am attached to this object because when ever I played on it I enjoyed. My parents bought my it when I was small and then my sister used it. I wanted to show my little sister every part of the toy and how to use it.My sister didn`t know what I was saying so I show her. I always wanted to be boss and kind to my sister. This playing is very imporant to me and even today I love to play with though now I can `t fit in it I love to hear the stories about me and it.Little things are very imporant.

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challenge 8


my 10 favourite things are………………………………….
1.reading! I love to read if you want to know why I love to read watch my reading challenge 4 on my blog
2.playing ping pong. It is so much to play with friends in ping pong
3.ICE AGE4 it is a funny movie
4.working on my blog. it is fun improving.
5.biking. I just want to ride bike all day
6.red pandas are so cute animals
7.science it is always an exciting subject
8.art! I love art especially painting
9.gardening.I love to grow plants and take of them and watch them grow
10.sketching.I love to draw nature related things

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digitel ciztenship


Don`t cyberbully others.the activty number 4 had a good game to play because it teachs you about the safty of you online.Online is very cool and has creative ways to put your work.but saftey comes first you should never put your info online.If anyone posts mean things about you should imform a parent or teacher.You should never bullying anyone either because you should treat every person how you would want to be treated.Play the game on http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/

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challenge 5 by brywoods on GoAnimate

Animated Presentations
find the picture on http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/

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reading blog challenge 4


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10 dream jobs


I have many dream jobs here are them listed below
1.lawyer because I like debating for what s right
2.doctor.Because I want to help people
3.engineer.I just don t know what type
4.pharmacist.My mom inspired me.
5.researcher.I love to discover new things
6.veterinarian.I love to care for animals
7.police officer.I want to make our community a better place
8.chef.cooking is one thing I am good at.
9.Authour.I love books and to write books
10.scienctist.I love science!

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10 people who I would like to meet.


1.Albert Einstein.I would ask….What inspired you to do science related awesome things to discover?
2.Thomas Edison.I would ask…..why did you want to created more than 100 inventions?
3.Michel Jackson.I would ask….what is your favorite type of music to listen to?
4.My Great Grandpa.I would ask…. Did you like it in the olden days or today?
5.Bridget Mendler. I would ask…. What other things than singing and acting do you like?
6.The richest person on the planet.I would ask…..how did you become so rich?
7.The person who made edublogs. I would ask….What is the best part of edublogs.
8. Neil Armstrong.I would ask….how is it feel to be on the moon?
9.Robert Munch.I would ask….. Which story that you wrote is your favorite?
10.Claud Monet.I would ask which painting of yours was the finest?

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